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Social Value

We strive to do more.

We want to share the value uplift and leave a lasting positive impact on the communities in which we work.

Positive change

From our inception, we have always focused on ensuring that every project results in positive change.

Our developments boost local employment and procurement opportunities, encourage healthy living and create thriving places.


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Our focus is on developing thriving places that support a diverse society and are a catalyst for growth. 

We know that realising positive change isn’t something that we can achieve overnight. To ensure our developments perform not just today but over the long term, and to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the working population, we place a strong emphasis on facilitating the emergence of new businesses as well as encouraging existing local businesses to flourish. This results in an improved value beyond the traditional boundaries of a development project.

Find out more about how we are enhancing lives and communities in our yearly reports:

Social Value Report 2021

Social Value Report 2020

Social Value Report 2019



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