At Linkcity, we believe sustainable development means considering the needs of the future while meeting the needs of the present. We take a long-term approach to development, respecting the environment and enhancing local communities by ensuring developments are built and managed in a sustainable way, from the perspective of people, places and planet.

Sustainability adds value by creating homes and properties that are future proofed, more efficient and more cost effective for the ultimate owner. Sustainable developments attract the best partners and enhance the neighbourhood for existing communities. For us, sustainability goes far beyond a regulated requirement, certification or a responsibility to do the right thing; it is about long-term thinking and creating exceptional, attractive, valuable places that stand the test of time – socially, economically and environmentally.

Through the innovative sustainable projects undertaken worldwide by the global Bouygues Group across the areas of property, construction and infrastructure, we are able to apply leading international sustainability expertise to projects of all sizes and in all sectors.

Our close relationships with our sister companies, as well as strong external partnerships, mean we are able to maintain control of projects from the outset to ongoing management post completion, ensuring a better final performance and easier maintenance strategy.


Our developments prioritise the convenience, comfort and wellbeing of the individuals, families and communities who will live, work or spend time in them.

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We craft developments that bring people together, focusing on functional and attractive shared areas and creating atmospheres where communities can flourish. To ensure our developments perform not just today but over the long term, and to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the working population, we place a strong emphasis on facilitating the emergence of new businesses as well as encouraging existing local businesses to flourish. This results in an improved value beyond the traditional boundaries of a development project.

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By conserving energy, reducing waste and incorporating green spaces that promote wildlife and a sense of calm, our developments encourage efficiency and have a positive effect on the environment, which also contributes to occupants’ wellbeing.

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