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Working at Linkcity: Q&A with Georgia De Allie

Working at Linkcity: Q&A with Georgia De Allie

Did you know that we have Graduate Scheme at Linkcity? In fact, we invest heavily in it. Graduates who join us benefit from an extensive range of personal and professional development opportunities, and a strong support network.

We spoke to Graduate Development Officer, Georgia De Allie who joined our two year Graduate Scheme back in September 2021. Keep reading to hear how she’s getting on!

Who are you and what is your role?

My name is Georgia De Allie and I joined Linkcity as a Graduate Development Officer in August 2021 after completing a Master’s in Real Estate Development. Prior to this, I completed an undergraduate degree in Business Management and Law and then worked as a Legal and Technical Assistant for a year at another property development company.

What do you do in your day to day?

The role of a Graduate Development Officer is wide-ranging and helps build on the skills required to successfully manage property development projects, including legal matters, finance and aspects of design, and planning.

What’s the biggest challenge in your role?

I would say the biggest challenge in this role is the diversity of the work involved and having to be able to adapt to this quickly. Having said this, it was the varied nature of the role that ultimately drew me to a career in property development.

What has been the most valuable thing you have learnt since starting your graduate scheme?

People often say it, but no question is a stupid question. There is so much to learn, and asking questions is a great opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of those around you. Since starting the graduate scheme, I have really seen just how much asking a question can improve your understanding, no matter how ‘stupid’ you think it may be.

What do you like most about working Linkcity?

What I like most is just being a part of the Linkcity team. Since I joined everybody has been so welcoming and more than happy to help in any way they can, which has made it such an enjoyable place to work.

How do you think the Graduate Scheme will benefit your development in the long-term?

The graduate scheme will, no doubt, benefit my development in the long-term thanks to the learning and development programmes I have been able to partake in. There is a mentoring scheme, a buddy system as well as graduate group projects. All of these opportunities are helping me build connections with people I may not necessarily work with on a day-to-day basis.

What would you say to someone considering applying for the Graduate Scheme?

Do it! It is a great opportunity to gain experience in the property industry as well as be part of the wider Bouygues Group. The graduate scheme allows you to connect with graduates across the business and has a huge focus on personal and career development.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

This time next year I will be halfway through the 2-year graduate scheme, on my way with the RICS chartership programme and hopefully involved in some exciting new projects!


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