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Managing Director

Axel has more than 24 years’ experience in the development and construction industry, mostly acquired in the UK.

He joined the Bouygues Group in 1994 in Bouygues’ subsidiary in the North West of France. Arriving in the UK in 1996, he gained extensive experience of delivering and building challenging high-profile projects for eight years, both with private and public sector clients, before joining Linkcity. As Regional Director for Linkcity, Axel specialised in complex multi-stakeholder projects and delivered student accommodation, housing, mixed use regeneration, retail and leisure facilities. Axel then took up the role of Director for our Residential offer, defining, assessing and implementing our strategy for residential developments across the UK,

Building on the vast expertise and experience he acquired within Bouygues UK and Linkcity, Axel now leads the Higher Education team which works across the Linkcity regions. Appointed as CEO for Uliving in 2018 to continue the growth of Linkcity’s dedicated student accommodation offer, Axel was appointed as Managing Director of Linkcity in 2020.

Axel Boutrolle