Samantha Axtell runs Wellbeing Workshop with Bouygues Construction UK

February 15th 2021

As part of our dedication to nurturing resilient employees, wellbeing is a priority for us,
especially given the current climate. At the end of January, our internal women’s network,
Welink UK, welcomed Samantha Axtell, a coaching psychologist (MA (Oxon), MSc (Coaching
Psychology), MBPsS), to run a Wellbeing workshop with over 250 employees.

Sam has a particular interest in enabling individuals to flourish by optimising their personal
capacity and resilience. She works across the globe with business owners, leaders and
managers to support them in unlocking their full potential or that of their team. The
workshop Sam ran with Bouygues Construction UK focused on learning how to recognise
stress responses and common mind traps in order to utilise this awareness to deal better
with the impacts of day-to-day life.

Sam said of the event: “It was a real delight for me to be invited by Bouygues Construction
UK to speak at their Welink event. The topic of flourishing is close to my heart. Never more
so than during this time of the pandemic do we all need to take care of ourselves. From here,
we can care for others. It was a privilege to have the chance to share the science of stress,
how we, as human beings, respond in challenging times and what we can do to rise above
these moments and sustain ourselves.”

Amelle Mestari, Chair Welink UK, said: “Sam provided us with a dynamic demonstration of
the need for a healthy attitude to ourselves before we can flourish, produce creative work
and inspire others. The success of this workshop can be measured by the number of
colleagues who have already confirmed that they have implemented several of the tips that
Sam shared on their day to day lives.”

Guy Taylor, Human Resources Director, said: “What a fascinating and informative talk from
Samantha on enabling individuals to flourish. The talk not only gave us an insight into the
science behind stress and resilience but many practical tips in managing our stress and
looking after ourselves.

Managing our health and resilience has always been important but over the past 12 months
this has been increasingly essential, not only for us as individuals but also in supporting
those who live and work around us. Within Bouygues Construction UK, this is reflected in 1
of our top priorities for 2021, that of Business and Personal resilience and of looking after

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