Nicolas Guérin reviews 2016 and shares his thoughts on the year ahead

January 04th 2017

In this new video, Linkcity’s Managing Director, Nicolas Guérin, discusses the highs and lows of the UK property market in 2016 and shares his thoughts on the year ahead.

2016 was a good year for Linkcity, with significant new developments getting underway in London, Birmingham and elsewhere in the UK. Nevertheless, there was a discernible slowdown in the market, principally caused by the uncertainty around the EU referendum and the US election.

In 2017, Linkcity expects to see a minor cooling of house prices in central London, but is confident that the domestic market, in particular in outer London and the regions, will remain sound.

The Government has ambitious plans for housing and infrastructure, which Nicolas believes are achievable, but with some obstacles along the way: in order to build more homes, we need more people and Brexit could have an impact on the construction workforce.

With the retail market shifting, it is becoming increasingly difficult for high street shops to survive. Nicolas believes collaboration and organisation are vital to ensuring the high street can hold its own again the online market and large shopping centres.

Category: Corporate news