Linkcity offices at the forefront of the healthy building movement

May 29th 2018

Linkcity, along with the other Bouygues Construction businesses in the UK, has recently had its head office awarded a two-star Fitwel rating, rewarding the company’s transition towards a modernised and agile workspace.

Developed by the Center for Active Design, in close collaboration with the GSA (General Services Administration) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system for occupant health and wellbeing. With a score of 116 points, our Becket House office is the first Fitwel 2.0 Commercial Interior Space certified in the UK, making our office one of the most advanced workspaces in the country.

Agile working recognises the idea that “work is an activity, not a place”. By giving people as much flexibility as possible in their choice of work environment, this maximises employee health and wellbeing, enabling them to optimise their performance and do their best work.

Led by Asset Management Director Axel Boutrolle, the transition towards agile working began over a year ago and has been achieved through a number of changes to our workspace and work practices.

Axel Boutrolle, Asset Management Director at Linkcity, said: “There’s now a far greater awareness of the impact of your workplace on health and wellbeing, and the link between employee wellbeing and productivity. Making the office an attractive place to work is now a vital part of an employer’s responsibility, and so we’re proud to be at the forefront of this workplace revolution.

“Agile working isn’t just about the physical changes to the office though, it’s also about the culture of the company. It’s been really heartening to see the extent to which everyone at Linkcity has bought into these changes and made the company an even better place to work.”

Rita Dimitri, Senior Sustainability Officer at Linkcity and Bouygues UK, added: “We’re so proud to have achieved accreditation from Fitwel. This evidence-based certification recognises the positive impact the new design and agile working policies are having on our teams’ health and productivity, making our office an extremely attractive working environment.”



Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system that optimises buildings to support health. Bouygues Construction’s agile working floors in Becket House (London) have been awarded a Fitwel 2 Star rating (the maximum being 3), with a score of 116 points. It is the first Fitwel 2.0 Commercial Interior Space certified in the UK.

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