Linkcity donates laptops to the Magpie Project, helping to support families in need

February 02nd 2021

With the continued ‘home schooling’ restrictions in place and the move to online learning and digital
training, the impact on underprivileged children and adults is undeniable. This is particularly
pertinent among those struggling to stay in education or seeking jobs and training opportunities
under the current Covid-19 guidelines.

The Social Value team at Bouygues Construction UK, along with help from our IT Department, has
set up a UK wide initiative, to refurbish, clean and set up over 400 laptops for donation to these
areas of society that need them most. We hope these will assist both adults and children in their
journey through education and employment opportunities.

Linkcity was given the opportunity to select which charity would receive a percentage of these
laptops. As our partner charity for 2021, the Magpie Project seemed a clear choice. Knowing that the
charity is still trying to carry out their much-needed work in Newham in the face of Covid-19, we
contacted them to see how they were coping with the facilities they have currently. We were
shocked to discover that many children were attempting home schooling via their parents’ mobile
phones. Others had been told that the schools they attend could not provide an adequate screen or
even paper based lessons to allow children to learn.

Having received the laptops earlier this week, Jane Williams, CEO and Founder of The Magpie
Project, said: “Linkcity responded brilliantly. Their donation of working laptops will make it possible
for at least 20 children, probably more if you include siblings, to make sure that they do not fall
further behind in their education than they otherwise would.”

Tom Jackson, Development Director at Linkcity, said: “Given that some children are now facing
nearly a year of disrupted education, we hope that receiving these laptops can grant some relief not
only to the children struggling with home school but also to the parents that the Magpie Project
helps to support too.”

The rest of the available laptops have been sent across the UK and divided out to the schools and
charities with which Bouygues Construction in the United Kingdom works. Over fifteen schools,
employment hubs, councils and charities will be receiving their laptops over the coming week, in an
effort to support those who need technology to learn and apply for work.

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