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December 04th 2015

Find out how our 2015 graduates are faring at Bouygues UK!

Bouygues UK’s quest for its 2016 graduate recruits begins on Wednesday 7th October 2015 when the company will be attending the first of eleven graduate fairs taking place across the UK to find talented and tenacious individuals to join one of the UK’s fastest growing construction companies.

Name: James Castledine

Bouygues UK role: Design Co-ordinator

Working on: Manhattan Loft Gardens, London

Degree: MEng architectural engineering

University: University of Leeds

James Castledine, who joined Bouygues UK’s 2015 Graduate programme in September 2015, is now working as a design co-ordinator for Manhattan Loft Gardens, a £250 million (GDV), 42 storey landmark tower in East London. Responsible for liaising with the project’s design consultants and staff, James’ role helps to ensure that all elements of the design meet the client’s expectations, building regulations and performance requirements, and that architectural drawings are co-ordinated across the numerous design teams.

Manhattan Loft Gardens CGI, courtesy of Manhattan Loft Corporation

Speaking of his experience so far, James says:

“I have always been interested in how engineering and architecture work together and experienced this first hand as a child when my granddad designed and managed the build of his own home. Joining Bouygues UK and having the opportunity to see a project of this scale take shape from concept to completion is incredible, and I’m really excited about the skills and experience to be gained throughout the project’s duration. “

To launch its annual intake of graduates, Bouygues UK organises a three day kick off event which was held this year at Wotton House in Dorking. Combining an extensive range of interactive workshops and team building exercises, the experience is designed to give new graduate employees an insight into Bouygues UK’s dynamic and diverse corporate environment to help ease their transition from University.

Bouygues UK graduate kick off 2015

“The kick off event was brilliant,” says James. “It painted a really useful and interesting picture of the range of roles and skills at the company, and a great insight into the cultural diversity of the organisation. It’s definitely assisted my introduction to working life.

“In the future, I’d like to develop my management skills and I’m looking forward to the different training workshops coming up over the next year. I’d also like to gain an in-depth knowledge of every trade to assist my career development, and take advantage of the support from Bouygues UK to become a chartered civil engineer and structural engineer. It’s early days but working on Manhattan Loft Gardens is a pretty good place to start!”

James’ top tip for new graduates: Take the time to ensure your CV and covering letter to any potential employers are the best they can possibly be and only apply to companies that you have a genuine interest in – your enthusiasm will come across much more naturally in any interviews.

Image captions: Manhattan Loft Gardens CGI, courtesy of Manhattan Loft Corporation
Bouygues UK graduate kick off 2015

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