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May 08th 2015

The Bouygues Group deliver a variety of local opportunities for its employees:

Bruno Moyne, Deputy Managing Directorof Thomas Vale has worked as the CEO of the Czech subsidiary VCES in Prague (Czech Republic) and as the Director of Bouygues Construction’s offices in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). As a recent recruit to Bouygues UK, Bruno has shared some of his experiences of working across the World for the Bouygues Group.

Being originally from a small mountain village in the Alps, it was not always obvious that I would travel around the World.

But my first experiences in Moscow and Nigeria when I was 23 years old opened my eyes to a World I had not heard or known of. I found it fascinating working in different cultural environments, learning a lot, and also sharing my own experiences and ideas.

I have been in the construction industry for 25 years.  I graduated as a civil engineering from INSA University in Lyon, France.

I joined the Bouygues group in 1989 as a young engineer, initially taking on a role with the business in Russia working on projects including the Iris Hotel.  I then moved with the company to Nigeria where I was involved in the construction of a police academy in Kano, in the Sahara desert.

I then gained experience in France outside the company, and also working in Belgium, Egypt and even in London (Canary Wharf development). I then left Laubeuf and ran a company located in Martinique (French Caribbean Island).

In 2008, I decided to come back to the Bouygues group and work as Deputy Managing Director of Karmar, the Polish arm of Bouygues Batiment International (BBI). During my time in Poland, a key focus was to demonstrate what being part of Bouygues could bring to the Karmar business, which included M&E planning, design approach and group financial strength that helps the business to target larger schemes. This resulted in the business securing the largest commercial office project at the time – a headquarters building for Orange.

From Poland, I moved to Vietnam as Country Director for BBI and then in 2011, I was based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the role of CEO of VCES, a subsidiary of BBI.

I would say that the biggest impact of working in different countries has been experiencing different business approaches and cultures that have helped make me humble and take on board other people’s ideas and knowledge. It is important to understand people’s concerns and expectations before making any decisions.

Now working at Thomas Vale where there is new leadership, I look forward to participating to the evolving company on a long term basis and bringing my varied range of knowledge and experience to the company.

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